Friday, May 1, 2009

No Internet.

Sorry if you have been watching this page avidly for the next installment. We still don't have an internet connection other than my mobile broadband which is pathetic in the extreme.

So far I have failed to get even this little bit online but I'll keep trying. Apologies if I don't make it. At least we have a phone line now - which is a big step forward. I hate to think what my mobile bill is going to come to!

We should go online on Tuesday - barring accidents - so I'll see you then.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Homeless no longer!

Whew! That's a relief. We have finally managed to get somewhere to rent. At this short notice that is no mean feat. Suddenly things are looking better again. Sometime next week I'll let you know what it's like.

Of course I don't know anything about it yet - and I don't know the phone number - or even if it has one. All I know is that it has 3 bedrooms and is a roof over our heads. That's enough for now - I'll (probably) moan about it later :)

For anyone interested enough to look sorry it's no longer online. However I have amended the photos.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Homeless Vagrants.

I guess it was too good to be true. Everything seemed to be coming together nicely. The house sold, the house in Plymouth nearly purchased. There is many a slip.

Well the house here is sold alright, but the purchase has fallen through.

So I may be a bit preoccupied in the next few days tring to find somewhere to live after 21st April.

There is a snag or two to renting. If we had plenty of time it wouldn't matter, but it's a bit of a catch 22 situation when you have never rented before - you see everyone wants references, even if you offer to pay six months rent in advance + the deposit, and you only want to rent for 6 months.

It's OK though because they can check with your employers to make sure you have money coming in regularly. - Only we haven't got any employers, because Bernard is retired, and the only thing coming in regularly is bills - which is why we are moving in the first place.

Of course there must be a way round this, but just at the moment ......

Watch this space.

Friday, April 3, 2009

We have Exchange

Today things went ok. Mostly! On the whole I think we end up with a positive day for once. This morning in our wonderfully early post (11.00am) we finally got the council certificate to say that we were good citizens who hadn't messed up when doing the loft extension. By 12.15 we had it down to the solicitors, faxed to the buyer's solicitors, dates agreed and contracts exchanged.

On the down side, the house we are buying seems to be a bit bogged down. We are going to need to do some building work to it, which will cost - at a guess about 3 grand. If the vendor decides to do it herself then I think that deal is going to be off. However if she's prepared to drop the price accordingly then maybe we can be in business there too.

Of course all these snags and problems have led to other silly mistakes. Like Terence deciding to book his flight into Bristol instead of Luton, on the understanding that we would already be in Plymouth. The idea is that he borrows our car and we hire one for the duration.

That would be all very well, and nice and easy if he had come into Luton Airport. That's only half an hour away. Bristol is 2.5 hours away. which makes a difference of about 4 hours driving. Add to which we had to take both cars there to have one to come back in. In the end we compromised. Bernard went to Bristol to pick him up. He drove them both from Bristol to Oxford, and I met them in Oxford.

On the whole it went quite well. I only had to wait just over two hours in Oxford, and managed to find, at the motorway service station - would you believe - the most perfectly cooked fish I can ever remember having. Of course my memory isn't too good these days, and the chips were - shall we just say - seconds, but I couldn't fault that fish. Mmmmmm!

I've just realised. We've only got just over two weeks to sort things out before we are out of here. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today the Survey - tomorrow the council.

It seems I'm not too good at keeping a diary. I never was - so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to me, but I thought I would manage more than once a week. Ah well - we all make mistakes!!

We finally received a copy of the survey on the new house today. I hate to think how long it would have taken if we hadn't told them we were in a hurry.

It's ok really - only a few minor problems to be checked up on. Unfortunately our solicitor has gone away for a few days so nothing will be done until she gets back.

Tomorrow (sometime) the building dept. of the council will be round to check that all our doors are safely turned into traps for children's fingers. I think that most of the people who think up these regulations must be sadists, - either that or they don't understand how vulnerable children's fingers are to doors that "snap shut" because the spring in them is so tight.

Also the beading round the door has to be 1in thick to prevent the handle from being used without trapping your fingers. The so called "Health and Safety" regulations of this country are so screwy that they make houses seriously dangersous for small children.

They will argue that they make it more unlikely harm will come in the event of fire. So I guess it is up to us to just put up with the broken fingers and not whine about it. Rant! Rant! Rant!

Maybe I'll calm down when we have exchanged contracts, and can finalise all the arrangements. Like deciding who will do the removal, and what we are going to take where. I must say the list is getting somewhat out of hand - I think I'll have to prioritise (if that's how you spell it).

The buyers are trying to get us to agree to 21st April, which suits me ok - If the building dept. are prepared to give us this certificate. Here we go round the mulberry bush.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time - the Concertina.

Bernard took Terence up to Maryvale yesterday for his weekend semina (or whatever it is). They were supposed to be away by 9.30 and they managed to get off before 10.30 so that was not bad going. We tried out the new boxes for the books - they don't fit of course. It was one of THOSE days yesterday.

Things have a habit of creeping up on you, don't they? It's getting on for the end of March now, and soon it will be time to move on. It's beginning to look like it will be round about the 20-24th April when we finally move, but only if the council gets it's act together, a thing which councils are not prone to doing.

Still got loads of books to pack - and the dvd's I just bought are dud, I will have to send them back. This is turning into a major moan page - something good must have happened. -----

I know, the weather has been splendid. B & I went for a walk in Broomfield Park and Spring has crept in and re-painted the scenery in glowing colours. I do so love Spring.

Broomfield Park

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Home is Moving.

I wish I could take it with me but someone else wants it.

Somehow I never imagined how stressful it would be to leave this house. Not until I started packing up the books. So far we have over 1000 catalogued and boxed and at least half as much again to do.

We've been here nearly 29 years now so we are goin to have to do a lot of sorting as well. I know we can leave a lot to the moving firm but when it comes down to it - we're moving from a six bedroom house to a 2 bedroom house, and the quart into a pint pot scenario is going to be a bit overworked here.

Of course I'm looking forward to being down in Plymouth. The countryside round there is beautiful, and we will be close to our lovely grandchildren - oh and Judith and Stephen too. But I'm looking forward to BEING there, NOT packing, moving, going there, unpacking, sorting out the other end, etc. etc.

And there's the two houses. Just look at them. Which one would you rather live in?

But there's no doubt we are meant to be going there. It's becoming more and more obvious to me that God has some reason for wanting us there rather than here. Doors are closing here, and opening there.

I just wish I knew what it was. No doubt in time I will find out. Oh well back to the packing.